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Member Release: Sharron Katz

Sharron Katz – Santa Soulmate

It’s that time of year once again…yes where we share our original Christmas songs!! I love to tell folks that I’m Jewish and wrote an amazing X-mas song!! This song is called Santa Soulmate. It’s about a woman dreaming up her perfect man and deciding Santa has all the qualities she could possibly want!!

Member Release: Woody Woodburn

Woody Woodburn – I Am Enough

The EP is the second solo release by Woody Woodburn. 6 heartfelt songs that all relate to the most important things in life.

Member Release: Kari Lyn

Kari Lyn – Daylight

Daylight was a happy last minute addition to my EP. Its haunting sound reminds you of what could have been and knowing you are better off without. With phenomenal feedback from playing it in live settings such as “how have you been hiding this so long from us, THIS is a hit.. my new favourite” and “It’s so hauntingly deep”, it showcases an inner struggle, fighting between light and dark, good and bad, everything the EP ittself encompasses. Listen now on all streaming platforms.

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Member Kickstarter: Red Dirt Skinners

Red Dirt Skinners – Album Kickstarter

Anyone who follows us on social media will know how ill Sarah has been for the past few months.

We pride ourselves on being furiously independent and completely DIY professional musicians, but, as everyone else is emerging from the pandemic and pushing forward, Sarah has been struggling with long covid symptoms for over three months now. On Doctor’s advice, we’ve taken the impossible decision to put off performing until Sarah’s lungs are back to the capacity and strength that we all know and love.

You all know that we don’t like to ask, and we’re not good at it, so this isn’t coming easy to us, but, with an enforced empty diary until April 2023, we’re reaching out to you and have set up a Kickstarter campaign. We’ll be offering copies of a new “”fans only”” live CD and other bundles including backstage passes and even a day in our studio.

In October 2021, after two years of not performing, we made the brave decision to record our first live show back, with the view of using the recording for a future live album. Well… now’s the time. The album is ready, warts and all, complete with plenty of mistakes and giggles.

And you know what… we’re actually really proud of it!

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts that because of you, we are able to live a life we adore. Your ongoing support, generosity and all-round “”good vibes”” are what keep us going.

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Member Theatre Performance: Tip of the Iceberg

Tip of the Iceberg – Comedy Play
November 22-26, 2022
Lighthouse Festival Theatre – Port Dover, ON

The play ‘Tip of the Iceberg’ running in its final week at Lighthouse Festival Theatre in Port Dover from Tuesday November 22-26th. Check out the world premiere of this comedy with original music. Written by FMO member Chris Rait along with Jeannine Bouw (from The Treeline) and Mark Williams.

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Member Show: Stan Simon

Stan Simon – Live in Concert
Tuesday, November 29, 2022 – 9:00pm
The Dakota Tavern, Toronto

Stan Simon live at The Dakota Tavern on November 29th at 9pm! All country line up! Stan Simon will be performing songs off his 2020 release “Songs From Strange Places” as well as brand new songs with a full band! Be sure to check it out.

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Member Show: Graham Lindsey

Graham Lindsey – “The Next Best Thing” Album Release show
Tuesday, December 6, 2022 – 7:00pm
The Gladstone Theatre, Ottawa

“Graham released his second album of Celtic music, The Next Best Thing, in 2020 – and now you can help celebrate its release on December 6th at The Gladstone Theatre in Ottawa!

You’ll hear tunes and songs from the album, many never before heard live, with Graham’s full Celtic band.  The duo “QuoteTheRavenduo” from Newfoundland will be in town, and singing the title track as well as at least one of their own songs …and a Celtic show isn’t complete without dance, so a champion Highland dancer will be dancing her own original choreographed works specifically to Graham’s music!”

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Member Release: Dan Rougeau

Dan Rougeau – Celebrate

“Dan Rougeau has something to Celebrate. The longtime touring and session musician is stepping into the spotlight, and up to the mic for the first time, with a beautiful debut single ‘Celebrate’, available on streaming platforms everywhere.

“”Celebrate”” is about moments. Big ones. weddings, funerals, life altering, world shattering events that we all experience collectively, but have an intimate and personal relationship with. Rougeau’s hope is that this song is a short nod to the idea that “”we’re all in this together””, moving as one through the grey days and the bright ones.

As someone used to backing up incredibly talented singers, Rougeau never believed he would release a song that he sang on. He was a backup singer at times, and an inexperienced one at that. But singing Celebrate – actually, singing any song – gave him life at the time when he needed it most; connecting to music in a way that he had never quite experienced before, and developing a whole new ability.

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Applications Open: Halls Island Artist Residency 2023

Halls Island Artist Residency
Deadline to apply: January 15, 2023

Will A Residency on an Off Grid Island Further Your Artistic Practice?

Visual, performing, and literary artists are invited to submit an application for the Halls Island Artist Residency. The residency, located on an off-grid island on Koshlong Lake, is entering the fifth full year of operation. Applications open November 1, 2022, and close January 15, 2023.

“The management committee wishes to receive applications related to a broad spectrum of artistic practices and geographical locations. Anyone who believes they can further their artistic practice by exposure to a remote, natural environment is encouraged to apply,” says Don Gage, co-chair of the Volunteer Management Committee.

One of the 2021 resident artists, Sandra Bouza (FMO 2022 showcase artist) states “Halls island gave me an opportunity to be alone with my thoughts and fears allowing them to reverberate in ways that they haven’t had the space to before. I could really let them breathe, which allowed them to resurface through lyrics and melodies.”

The Halls Island Artist Residency is proud to offer a one-time scholarship intended to support an Indigenous Artist for their stay on Halls Island. Ruth Walker, co-chair of the Volunteer Management Committee states, “We hope that this opportunity will help offset costs associated with attending the residency and will allow an Indigenous artist to further their pursuit of excellence in their chosen artistic practice.”

Halls Island is privately owned by a family whose generosity is providing the residency,
accommodations, and island access for the chosen artists. HIAR is a member of the Haliburton County Community Cooperative, a not-for-profit organization that encourages, develops and supports several community groups in the Highlands, including the Haliburton County Folk Society.

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Member Release: Katherine Fischer

Katherine Fischer – Great Loves

Katherine Fischer’s debut album “Great Loves” blends Americana, indie pop, cinematic strings and harmonies that wrap around you to create a breathtaking folk album. “Great Loves” is the story of all incapsulating love, of the land, of people, of yourself. This is a record of songs for souls with big feelings. Available everywhere November 4th.

Katherine Fischer – Great Loves