Member Kickstarter: Red Dirt Skinners

Red Dirt Skinners – Album Kickstarter

Anyone who follows us on social media will know how ill Sarah has been for the past few months.

We pride ourselves on being furiously independent and completely DIY professional musicians, but, as everyone else is emerging from the pandemic and pushing forward, Sarah has been struggling with long covid symptoms for over three months now. On Doctor’s advice, we’ve taken the impossible decision to put off performing until Sarah’s lungs are back to the capacity and strength that we all know and love.

You all know that we don’t like to ask, and we’re not good at it, so this isn’t coming easy to us, but, with an enforced empty diary until April 2023, we’re reaching out to you and have set up a Kickstarter campaign. We’ll be offering copies of a new “”fans only”” live CD and other bundles including backstage passes and even a day in our studio.

In October 2021, after two years of not performing, we made the brave decision to record our first live show back, with the view of using the recording for a future live album. Well… now’s the time. The album is ready, warts and all, complete with plenty of mistakes and giggles.

And you know what… we’re actually really proud of it!

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts that because of you, we are able to live a life we adore. Your ongoing support, generosity and all-round “”good vibes”” are what keep us going.

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