Member Release – Sue & Dwight

Sue & Dwight – The Red Rocket Two Step

“Grab your partner for The Red Rocket Two Step! Take a rollicking musical ride on a vintage Toronto streetcar with Sue and Dwight and their latest single” The Red Rocket Two Step”. The song is a story about someone riding a Red Rocket as the streetcars were known, and becoming caught up in a square dance.

The Toronto based duo’s new single is a bit Texas swing and a bit Django and a departure for the socially conscious songwriters. As Dwight notes “We loved riding Toronto’s old Red Rocket streetcars. One day we noticed that with the often jerky starting and stopping of the cars, riders walking down the crowded aisles looked like they were doing a square dance, do-si-do-ing their way to get to a seat.”

The song was created during the duo’s Lockdown Songwriting Sessions. Determined to create an appropriate musical accompaniment, they drew on the Texas Bob Wills influences they were exposed to during their long residency at Toronto’s iconic Cameron House. The duo enlisted Tony Laviola (Marc Jordan, Bob Nigrini) to join them with a rousing double bass.

Although Sue and Dwight were born too late to be part of the folk revival of the 1960’s, their music embodies the spirit of that time. Both are songwriters whose work focuses on themes of peace, courage, and social justice. ”

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