FMO Conference 2022: Early Bird Registrations Now Open!

The Folk Music Ontario 2022 Conference is happening October 13-16, 2022 in London, Ontario! We are very pleased to announce that showcase applications, as well as Early Bird Registration for both Members and Non-Members are NOW OPEN! The early bird rate for both Members and Non-Members expires on May 27, 2022! REGISTER NOW APPLY TO […]

Member Art: David Donar

David Donar I am a folklorist, cartoonist and a professor of Art with an interest in old time music and folk tales. I believe that story telling is one of the foundations of what it is to be human. Stories can be ethnic, cultural, spiritual, emotional, political, humorous, regional, personal, true and/or false. Narrative can […]

Member Release – Katherine Fischer

Katherine Fischer – West Coast Release: May 27, 2022 With moody vocals and the Pacific Northwest rain personified, Katherine Fischer’s new single West Coast is a stunning heartbreak song. “I don’t love you, but if I did, would there be something to hold onto”. “West Coast” is available everywhere May 27, 2022. Click here for […]

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