Instructional Videos

Folk Music Ontario gets many questions about what we do, who we serve and even what the meaning of “folk music” is today! Some of the most common questions come from people who want to get started on something new in their artistic lives or their communities. Three of the most common revolve around showcasing at a conference or festival, putting on a house concert, and starting a festival. Well, we thought it was time to go to some experts in these fields and produce some videos covering the basics.

FMO is grateful to the Ontario Arts Council for a project grant that helped us imagine, create and produce these videos. Andy Frank of frankcasting new media produced these videos. We are grateful to him and to the many Folk Music Ontario members and associates who participated in them: Manitoba Hal Brolund, Nicole Colbeck, Dave Cool, Heather Daley, Paul Loewenberg, Magoo, Jory Nash, Mitch Podolak, Candace Shaw and Carolyn Sutherland.

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How to Showcase

How to Put on a House Concert

How to Start a Folk Festival