Strat plan update 1

In the last eNews, FMO President Rachel Barreca updated members on where you can find FMO’s new 2015-2020 strategic plan, which the Board announced at the October 2015 AGM.

The five-year plan focuses FMO’s work on an overarching initiative:

Embed Inclusivity and Diversity: By everyone, in everything, everyday

and four strategies:

  1. Increase & Diversify Revenue: Strengthen existing and develop new and innovative revenue streams
  2. Expand Member Value: Deliver services year-round targeted to evolving member needs
  3. Maximize Collaboration: Create collaborative opportunities to achieve our vision
  4. Be the Advocate: Raise the profile of FMO and champion folk music

A number of FMO members have asked how they can help implement our vision of a thriving, inclusive folk music community with local and international impact and our purpose to support the growth and development of the folk music community and industry. Here’s a snapshot of how the Board and staff are implementing these strategies in the plan’s first year and what we anticipate in 2016 and beyond. If you’d like more information or are interested in volunteering to support FMO’s strategic initiatives, please be in touch with Kathy Partridge, head of FMO’s Strategic Planning Committee at

2015-2020 Strategic Initiative Completed or Underway in Fiscal 2015 Next Up
Embed Inclusivity and Diversity • Adopted FMO’s Equality Policy • Design, partner, train and measure progress on diversity, in services, positions, opportunities offered, in execution
Increase & Diversify Revenue • Maximized conference silent auction
• Implemented Board fundraising committee
• Increase private sector funding
• Research charitable options
Expand Member Value • Start expanding programming year-round • Restructure awards to elevate recognition
Maximize Collaboration • Presented FMO performer members at Ontario Scene, MEGAphono, and Union Summer • Increase co-presenting opportunities for annual conference and workshops
• Build collaboration with funding partners and Music Industry Associations
Be the Advocate • Contribute to committees (Ontario Ministry of Culture; Ottawa Music Industry Coalition)
• Support national advocacy groups
• Increase impact of Board member expertise
• Increase FMO presence in media