Member Show: Shawna Caspi at Folkus Almonte

Shawna Caspi w/Amanda Lowe Warnakulasuriya
February 26, 2022 at 8:00pm, Almonte Old Town Hall, Almonte, Ontario
Part of the Folkus Concert Series

Toronto singer-songwriter Shawna Caspi’s first indoor, in-person, live concert since the pandemic is also Folkus Almonte’s first show of 2022! Shawna’s solo performance pairs her powerful voice with intricate fingerstyle acoustic guitar accompaniment for an intimate and engaging experience that makes an authentic human connection, that conveys a sense of closeness, of being understood, of feeling less alone.

Shawna Caspi takes her time crafting lyrics that are poetic and meaningful, often using unusual rhymes and surprising turns of phrase. She spent years on the road playing shows at festivals and in concert halls, train cars, backyards, and living rooms across Canada and the United States. After taking a break from the road to rest, reflect, and write, Shawna released her fifth album, Hurricane Coming, in 2021. It’s a collection of raw, deeply personal songs set against a backdrop of colourful cinematic soundscapes. Shawna also created a series of paintings inspired by the songs on the album, seamlessly combining her work as a musician and visual artist. Shawna will have copies of her new album and some of her original artwork for sale at the show.

Opening for Shawna will be Ottawa-based singer-songwriter Amanda Lowe Warnakulasuriya.

For those who can’t join in person, the concert will be streamed live with high-quality video and sound production. When purchasing tickets, please choose either the “Regular In Person” or “Streaming” option on the Folkus website!
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