Member Release: Sultans of String and Friends

Sultans of String and Friends – Walking Through the Fire

Sultans of String are now embarking on the most ambitious and important project of our career – a beautiful collection of collaborations with First Nations, Metis, and Inuit artists across Turtle Island/Canada. We’re making this album in the spirit of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 94 calls to action, and final report that asks for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to work together as an opportunity to show a path forward.

As a society we can’t move ahead without acknowledging and reflecting on the past. Before reconciliation can occur, the full truth of the Indigenous experience in this country needs to be told, so we’ve been calling on Indigenous artists to share with us their stories, their experience, and their lives, so we settler Canadians can continue our learning about the history of residential schools, of cultural genocide, and of intergenerational impacts of colonization.

Featuring Crystal Shawanda, Don Ross, Dr. Duke Redbird, The North Sound, Kendra Tagoona, Leela Gilday, Marc Meriläinen (Nadjiwan), Métis Fiddler Quartet, MJ Dandeneau, Northern Cree, Digging Roots, Shannon Thunderbird and more!

“The very fact that you’re doing this tells me that you believe in the validity of our language, you believe in the validity of our art and our music and that you want to help to bring it out. And that’s really what’s important, is for people to have faith that we can do this… That’s really good”- Honourable Murray Sinclair – Ojibwe Elder – former chair of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission

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