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Keith Glass Band – Different World
Released: February 18, 2022
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The first single from Keith Glass Band, “Different World” released on Stump Records, is available anywhere you listen to music! Ever look around you and wonder how we got here? In “Different World”, Glass acknowledges that the times we are living in are always a-changing but with a positive outlook, that leaves you with a grooving glimmer of hope. As the song goes, “Instead of all this pushin’ and shove, how ‘bout a little more love we’d have a different world.”

“Different World” was recorded in Ottawa, ON at Audio Valley Recording with Steve Foley. Through technology and ingenuity, the band was able to get the tracks recorded and mixed both in-studio and remotely in the midst of provincial lockdowns.

Keith Glass Band is Alistair Dennett on drums & vocals, Steve Trecarten on organ & vocals, Mike Turenne on bass & vocals and Keith Glass on guitar & lead vocals. Keith Glass Band is gearing up for their upcoming full album release in Spring 2022.

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