Member Release: JoJo Worthington

JoJo Worthington – The Divide
Released: April 7, 2022

I am releasing a new single and music video called The Divide. I wrote this song while I was in isolation during COVID 19. Like most people, I like having control. I think during this time, we all felt helpless in terms of what we thought our lives should look like. Additionally, I felt the conflict between family, friends and the world very deeply. Sometimes personally. It’s hard to accept that there is nothing you can do or say to change someone’s mind, to make someone listen to you when you are on opposite ends. You know in movies when there’s an earthquake and the earth splits open and it separates the protagonist and the love interest and then sometimes you see people fall in the gap? It’s kinda about the people in the gap and trying to find a home there.

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