Member Release: Geneviève Racette

Geneviève Racette, Satellite
Release: March 18, 2022

This March, Canadian Folk Music Award Winner Geneviève Racette released her third studio album, Satellite, which includes the track ‘Someone feat. City and Colour‘ and can be streamed on your favourite platform.

Adding to an ever-developing and highly-praised bilingual catalog, Satellite is a 9-song collection of folk-pop tracks delivering honest stories of self-discovery and reflection through the cycle of love. Filled with intimate vocals, lush instruments and expressive harmonies, the album evokes moments of love, heartbreak, healing, forgiveness and ultimately falling in love again.

As a woman in music, it is essential to Geneviève that she surrounds herself with like-minded females in the industry. She is proud that over half her team involved in the creation of Satellite are female musicians and members of the industry. Geneviève co-produced Satellite with François-Pierre Lue (who also produced No Water, No Flowers) and collaborated on many songs with JUNO-nominated Barbra Lica, award-winning songwriter Danielle Knibbe and fellow Québécois singer-songwriter Éric Charland.

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