Member Release: Dan Rougeau

Dan Rougeau – Celebrate

“Dan Rougeau has something to Celebrate. The longtime touring and session musician is stepping into the spotlight, and up to the mic for the first time, with a beautiful debut single ‘Celebrate’, available on streaming platforms everywhere.

“”Celebrate”” is about moments. Big ones. weddings, funerals, life altering, world shattering events that we all experience collectively, but have an intimate and personal relationship with. Rougeau’s hope is that this song is a short nod to the idea that “”we’re all in this together””, moving as one through the grey days and the bright ones.

As someone used to backing up incredibly talented singers, Rougeau never believed he would release a song that he sang on. He was a backup singer at times, and an inexperienced one at that. But singing Celebrate – actually, singing any song – gave him life at the time when he needed it most; connecting to music in a way that he had never quite experienced before, and developing a whole new ability.

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