Call for Applications: Folk Music Ontario Board of Directors

NEW DEADLINE: 11:59PM ET, Friday, July 23rd, 2021
Online Nomination Form
What to Expect if You’re Elected

Folk Music Ontario (FMO) is now seeking individuals to stand as candidates in the 2021 election of its Board of Directors. Directors will be elected by electronic ballot (or acclaimed) ahead of this year’s Annual General Meeting (September 23, 2021) with terms concluding with the 2024 AGM. For 2021, FMO is looking to fill six board positions through this process.

Continued folk organization amalgamation discussions and complications caused by the COVID-19 pandemic present a challenging yet exciting time in the history of FMO. We require a dedicated board to support staff in guiding the organization forward as we continue to support the growth and development of the folk music community and industry.

Discussions have been ongoing regarding the potential merger of Folk Music Ontario and Folk Music Canada, becoming one national body representing the folk music community. It is expected that the 2021 Board of Directors will play an important role in the ongoing discussion and potential creation of a new, national organization.

Nominees are required to read our What to Expect If You’re Elected document to better understand the responsibilities of board members.

It is preferred that people use the Online Nomination Form, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic, but if an alternative is required, please contact

Please submit nomination forms by 11:59PM ET on Friday, July 23rd. We thank all our members for their continued support of the organization, and hope some of you will step forward to help guide FMO into the future.

If you have any additional questions or wish to further discuss your interest in running, please contact Max Merrifield (FMO Nominations Committee Chair) at

Folk Music Ontario invites self-nominations from all qualified individuals. We welcome submissions from women, people with disabilities, people of colour, Indigenous peoples, and those of any sexual orientation or gender identity.

We welcome submissions from individuals residing outside of Ontario. FMO aims to reduce financial barriers to participating in Board activities. If the purchase of an FMO membership is prohibitive to you, feel free to contact FMO and inquire about accommodations.