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Russell Sprout

Russell Leon � aka Russell Sprout - has been teaching music in Toronto for more than 20 years. A graduate of York University's music program, Russell uses a whole body approach to engage his students with techniques influenced by the works of Jacques Dalcroze. He has been an instructor on the faculty of University of Toronto's Jackman Institute of Child Study(OISE) since 1999 and at the Humberside Montessori School since 2002.

Russell is the Artistic Director of Songwriters Unite, a collaborative collective of over 700 songwriters that works to promote and showcase artists.

Russell maintains a busy private teaching practice and recording studio; he also performs regularly with the Russell Leon Band. In 2007, the Russell Leon Band released their debut album 'If Red Was Green'. One of the featured songs on the CD, Russell's ballad "Troubadour" received the 2007 'Songs from the Heart' award for Best Children�s Song from Folk Music Ontario. The Russell Leon Band�s second album, �State of Mind�, was released in 2012.

2017 release �Funky Doodle� is Russell Sprout�s debut recording for kids and incorporates humorous and educational themes wrapped up in an irresistibly silly package.