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Paul Cafcae

Paul Cafcae (he/him). Indie Rockabilly/Roots Rock

Paul has had an ear for staying melodies from an early age, developing a love for the rock’n’roll music when he was about four years old after hearing the greats like Elvis Presley, John Lee Hooker, B. B. King, The Beatles, and Roy Orbison on illegal bootleg tapes and records in Eastern Europe. His parents enrolled him in the specialist music school at the age of six, where he studied accordion, piano, music theory, and vocals, and played in a pop orchestra.

Staying true to his affection for Western music, Cafcae picked up the guitar while attending high school in Maryland, USA. It was around this time that he began experimenting with writing his own material and went on to play in bands in Europe and North America. Upon moving to Canada in 2009 Paul continued to make his way to earning a spot on the Americana and Roots musician marquee by releasing new music, touring, and performing at Canadian festivals. Experimenting with songs to establish his unique style, Cafcae has finally found his home with his latest LP “Where I Am,” a place he belongs: in a raw yet optimistic rock ‘n’ roll roadhouse, soaked in blues, rockabilly and country rock.

In his art, Paul Cafcae blends Americana music with his European lyricism and expressive imagery. With a bright and entertaining stage presence, Paul always strives to create a memorable experience for his audience. Cafcae’s songs have been played on North American radio stations such as The Bay, Radio Western, CKIU and CIUT, as well as in Europe, Asia, and Africa. The song “I Ain’t Shook” from his recent album has peaked at #11 in the UK’s Hot Disk Country Top 40 chart and stayed in the chart for 17 weeks. His music videos have repeatedly won Best Music Video awards at international film festivals.