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Njacko Backo

Multi-talented entertainer and educator Njacko Backo and his band Kalimba Kalimba have been sharing their uplifting music, energizing dance, and hope-filled stories with audiences of all ages and all walks of life since 1989. Their incredibly rich World Beat sound is driven by African rhythms, layered with traditional and modern instruments ranging from the kalimba and ngoni to the electric guitar and fiddle. In English, French and Bazoué - one of Cameroon’s many languages - they sing of life, love, social injustices and other themes inspired by Njacko's strong sense of spirit and grassroots wisdom.

Njacko Backo and Kalimba Kalimba launched their 12th album "Ici Bas, Rien N'est Impossible/Here Below, Nothing is Impossible" in February 2013. This groundbreaking album is funded in part by Conseil des Arts de l'Ontario/Ontario Arts Council. Blending contemporary and traditional elements in his music is something Njacko has done for decades, however this project introduces beautiful new combinations to the world music landscape. To pay tribute to his last 24 years in Canada, Njacko has invited some of his Canadian friends to collaborate on his original compositions. You will hear Ken Whiteley (banjo), Pat O'Gorman (pipes), George Koller (sitar, dilruba), Jane Bunnett (soprano sax, piccolo, flute), Larry Cramer (trumpet), Paul Neufeld (keys), Sahara Sloan (soprano), Heather Ryan (oboe), Anne Bourne (cello), Gareth Burgess (steel pans), and Colin Doroschuk (grand piano, guitar). Njacko hopes that this album will help young artists from Cameroon and all over the world see that music doesn't have any boundaries.

Njacko's live performances are captivating, engaging and memorable:

"From Njacko Backo and Kalimba! Kalimba!'s opening notes, the music's exotic and hot rhythms had everyone on the dance floor. An inevitable occurrence with this group."
- Olivier Bilodeau, Le Métropolitain