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Mike Milton

Having always been artistic and creative, Mike combines those qualities with a keen curiosity about music and technology.

Mike has an extensive background in electronic music synthesis and sampling. His expertise also extends to blues played on his collection of strikingly unique instruments such as electric lap steel guitars by Moog and Harmos, traditional resonator lap steels by Republic and National and the Mohan Veena.

When the innovative and expressive Eigenharp Alpha was introduced in 2009, Mike was an early adopter. He has the distinction of being the first Alpha owner and player in North America. Due to his enthusiasm and support of the Alpha, Mike forged a relationship with John Lambert, the founder of Eigenlabs, and inventor of the Eigenharp line of instruments.

Recently, a major film production company approached John, looking for an Alpha player. Without hesitation, John recommended Mike, who prepared and submitted a video audition performance.

Jonathan Watson (Art Department – Props) stated, in reaction to that performance, “Mike, that is awesome. Blew me out of the water.”

As a result, Mike was cast in the role of “Eigenharp Player” in a major Disney film being shot in Vancouver, Canada, and scheduled for release in 2015.

Plans changed, though, as they inevitably do in the casting process, and Mike was instead hired as the Eigenharp technical consultant and on-set performance coach for another actor.

Of the Disney work, Mike says, “In my entire career, I have never before been surrounded by such a positive, friendly, and supportive group of people. The whole experience was inspiring and unforgettable. I’d repeat the opportunity again in a heartbeat.