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Mary Rankin

Hey y'all . . . I'm a have-been Singer-Songwriter originally from Ontario, transplanted to Alberta for 40 years, then jiggly jog I'm back again to enjoy my Mum's last years with her.

Love festivals and have played, coordinated and volunteered at many of them in Alberta and B.C., most notably North Country Fair, festival of my heart.

Formerly Netti Spaghetti, I have entertained kids and families with enthusiasm and grace (!)

I have been the Wellness Coordinator at NCF, was a Registered Massage Therapist in Alberta, and am now a Massage Practitioner here in Ontario. One of my greatest loves is providing seated and/or table Massage and Holistic Practice at festivals. (hint hint, anyone interested?!)

Looking forward to becoming re-acquainted with the folk scene here.