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Jodi Timgren

I am currently a member of the Haliburton County Folk Society (HCFS), singing at open stage and local events. In 2020, I was a recipient of the HCFS Music Instruction Program and used the gifted funds to access studio time to learn about music production. I was also very honoured to be the opening act for Rick Fines in 2021.

Often picked as soloist from choir, my voice was my instrument from early on. As a youth, I was selected to compete in the Kiwanis Music Festival placing second overall. I studied piano for a period of time, played Ukulele and double bass in our Junior High school orchestra. When I decided piano was not for me, a dear friend showed me how to pick up and tune a guitar and the rest is history!

I am a singer/songwriter, my guitar being my "muse" to sing & write. I am a late bloomer, not really having time to work my song-writing craft until my late 50s. Never say never they say!

My longest "gig" was as part of a women's singing group (a cappella/acoustic) called Aridella. We traveled throughout Central Ontario (Lindsay, Toronto, Peterborough, Renfrew etc.) singing at events such as Take Back the Night, International Women's Day, December 6 vigil, Amnesty International and other fundraising events. Aridella was also invited to participate in the Peterborough Folk Festival in 2001 where we sang covers and one of my originals at the open-stage. We opened for Faith Nolan in Peterborough as well. My most memorable moment of that time was our invitation to perform at the 25th Anniversary of Nelly's - the first women's shelter in Toronto. Imagine, a humble small-town group getting invited to perform in Toronto for this very well publicized event! Our picture ended up in the Toronto Star! Front page of the Sunday Entertainment section (lol), but cool just the same.

After recording a few singles, I released a full album On October 31, 2022, “Weigh the Needle Down" produced and mixed at Anux Junius Music Studio by Richard Joudrey. Thank you for taking the time to read about me. I hope you enjoy my music!