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Innes Wilson

Innes Wilson's Freightliner came together in 2019 to support Wilson for a show with The Sadies at Dog Day Afternoon Music Festival. From there, they continued to test their sound on a handful of shows until the pandemic hit in March 2020. While the world sorted itself out, Innes Wilson’s Freightliner spent time in backyard band practices and on a hay-strewn barn floor to coax out their defining sound. Once able to gather in closer quarters, the debut self-titled EP was captured in the home studio by the band and then handed off to be mixed by Annelise Noronha and Andy Magoffin and mastered by Heather Kirby in the winter of 2021/2022.

Innes Wilson is a musician from Guelph, Ontario. His recent releases include the quarantine solo record, Deference (2020) and a 4 EP punk project under the moniker Part-time Cool (2021). Innes Wilson is best known for his records The Heart That Holds This Up (2019), produced by Adam Warren (Waants), his Seaview EP (2018) featuring members of Status/Non Status, and his band, Innes Wilson and his Opposition (2007-2011). Wilson has charted nationally on college community radio throughout his career, and reached #1 on the !earshot national folk charts in 2018.