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Graham Lindsey

Graham Lindsey is a multi-instrumentalist who started playing Celtic music in 2007. He plays as a soloist and side-player with Celtic and folk musicians in Ontario and Québec, with bands including From Away, The Trads, The Sarah Burnell Band, McGregor & Lindsey and more.

As a composer, he writes “inventive and varied” tunes that are fun to play, and three tunes of Graham’s were played through the summer as part of the recital series on the Carillon (the bells that play daily at noon) in the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill. His work has also brought him to Sweden in January of 2017, where he was the “Guest Artist of the Year” at the Folk at Heart showcase festival, and he returned in 2018 to begin the band East West Tunes, a mandolin-fiddle-cello trio playing original tunes from Canada and Sweden.

Graham is currently working on his debut solo CD, and has recorded for musicians including Sarah Burnell Band, Twin Flames, Trent Severn, Shelley Posen & Ian Robb, Sharon Hampson and more.

On-stage you’ll often see him with mandolins and banjo, percussion (bodhran and cajon, shakers and more), and flutes and whistles. Off-stage Graham works with musicians, producers, record labels and more producing media (websites, video, etc.), is on the board of the Canadian Folk Music Awards and is involved in other Celtic festivals and Canada’s wider folk-music community.