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Dayna Manning

Originally from Stratford Ontario, Dayna Manning grew up in a musical family and launched a professional songwriting career at 18, releasing two albums on EMI, the first of which was nominated for a Juno Award as Best New Artist.

Her songs drew industry praise from Billboard Magazine, and led to working with Sean Lennon, as well as luminary LA-based producer Jim Scott. Manning toured extensively as a duo with cellist Kevin Fox, performed with Great Big Sea, Spirit of the West, and Radiohead, toured nationally with Burton Cummings and Joe Cocker, and was part of Lilith Fair.

After six years in the major label music industry, Manning found refuge in northern BC to work, reflect, and reconnect with her musical heart. There she released Folkyo, a refreshingly independent album that showcased her wide range of writing styles, and further demonstrated her acumen as an arranger and producer.

In 2012 Manning, along with friends Emm Gryner and Laura C. Bates, formed the Canadian folk trio Trent Severn, penning all original songs about the land and people they love. In a few short years the trio’s unique "Canadiana" approach and stage show landed festival appearances, a feature article in McLean’s, a CBC live recording, two Canadian Folk Music Award nominations, the honour of singing the national anthem on Parliament Hill for the Canada Day flag-raising, and musical guest appearances at their shows by none other than Commander Chris Hadfield.

Recently, Manning has begun work on a collection of songs for a solo recording. Her musicianship is striking, her stage manner seasoned, and her songwriting is simple yet skilled. Her voice is unmistakable, reminding listeners of Joni Mitchell, Roy Forbes and Dolly Parton all at once.

With a new record slated for release in 2015, her recent solo performances mark a much anticipated reintroduction of Dayna Manning to Canada’s music community.