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David Laronde

David Laronde is an Indigenous singer songwriter performing contemporary Native Canadian Music. He hails from Teme-Augama Anishnabai (Deep Water People) in beautiful Northern Ontario. His Debut CD, "Right City Wrong Town" was nominated Best Blues CD by Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards 2013.

The third album release I KNOW I CAN FLY garnered a CFMA2022 nomination for Indigenous Songwriter of the Year. Much of his song material intertwines the mystical power of the ancestral land and its people with a backdrop of natural forces……..wind, water and waves.

Direction home and a re-rooting of personal beliefs inspired the writing of "Under the Raven’s Wing”. This homecoming took shape as a healing and deeply personal, writing and recording project defining David as a gifted contemporary indigenous songwriter and singer. His music makes the transition from folk to rock to blues seamlessly as the songs “get personal” one minute with Can’t Take You With Me or Brothers and Sisters and then “exploding into universal themes” with edgy rock vibes in Show Me a Sign and Eternity. Upbeat songs like Northwind Track and Whispering Wind paint the scenery for the journey home. The music tends to navigate universal mysteries and personal journeys and roll them into a single song that has to be shared with you. May the music from this album provide some comfort for those in need.