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Christopher Jackson

After 30 years as a working musician in a variety of cover bands and session recordings, multi-instrumentalist Christopher Jackson decided it's time to put all his experiences together and see where his own writing and music might take him.

The results are a collection of original recordings reminiscent of his musical influences, such as The Band, CSNY and The Allman Brothers, with a dash of the heavier, edgier Black Sabbath influence from his youth. A true entertainer, Christopher Jackson carries that connection into his recordings, playing the majority of the instruments and singing each harmony himself. Co-producing with his longtime friend, band mate and recording engineer Paul Halladay, they create a listening experience that is authentic, real and relatable.

Growing up in Chatham, Ontario, music was in Jackson’s blood right from the start. Choosing drums as his first instrument at a very young age, he was self-taught and hooked. He then eyed up his sister’s old beat-up guitar and took to learning how to play it with the same passion and enthusiasm. Upon receiving a secondhand Takamine from his parents, which remains his favourite guitar to this day, he never looked back. Christopher began playing live shows before he was even old enough to be allowed inside the venue, hiding out from security until it was time to go on stage.

With no formal musical training, Jackson taught himself to hear and sing harmony and began jamming with local and touring musicians. This eventually landed him a gig as a drummer in a CSNY tribute band based out of the Kingston area, which has been his home since. Thirsty to play, Jackson hit the music scene and began playing with local cover bands, collaborating with singer/songwriters on their recordings and taught himself to play bass, mandolin and any other instrument that was needed. Continuously gigging and expanding his creativity and experience, Jackson began making a name for himself as a frontman when his ensemble “Chris Jackson & Friends” grew in popularity at the Blu Martini, and has become the place to be on a Friday night. The audience, staff and even innocent bystanders alike are not safe from his banter, and listeners leave feeling lighter, fully entertained and amazed at what a good time they just had.

Since the pandemic and temporary shut down of live music, Jackson has been focusing on his own music and writing style while putting his multi-instrumental talent to use.