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Christine Graves

Christine’s music can be described as spacious and introspective contemporary folk. She writes poetry and puts it into song, performing on guitar and ukulele and often improvising vocal solos. Occasionally her east coast roots come to the fore, and she plays on her grandfather’s 100-year-old banjo ukulele from Nova Scotia.

Everyday Life, 5th LP CD and vinyl is available now at Bandcamp.
Christine especially enjoyed recording the album in a live manner. “Working from the energy of live takes is a process I cherish, and it adds to the quality of the recording by creating a strong connection to the listener from a holistic presentation of the key musical elements. It was also the best way to de-stress and immerse in a project while working front line mental health in 2021/2022."

Christine Graves is a Canadian singer-songwriter who has made music independently since 1995, with a release of her debut recording piece by piece. She became a CBC radio darling and received critical acclaim, recording three more independent albums released on her label Brave Music. Christine recorded and toured with the world a capella group Malaika from 2000 to 2005.