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George Sapounidis

World music? Try worlds music. Old meets New. East meets West. Tradition meets the space age. Award winning Greek-Canadian singer, songwriter, band leader and bouzouki player George Sapounidis a.k.a. Chairman George has turned an unlikely dream into reality. Viewed as something of a curiosity at home, the affable Canadian has performed to sold-out audiences in the world's most populous nation. Forty tours of China. Televised performances viewed by tens of millions. Two-time subject of Canadian CTV-BBC and Chinese television documentaries and two-time Olympic Torch Bearer. In October 2018 he and his band released the groundbreaking Greek-Chinese fusion album 'Bringing the Greek Party to China!' at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, Canada. George Sapounidis holds a Ph.D. in mathematical statistics from the University of Toronto, Canada.