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Andrew Griffiths


ANDY is a passionate folk/rock singer/songwriter who writes from gut feelings and personal experiences. He sings lead and tends to play a rhythmic / percussive style on acoustic guitar mostly, occasionally switching to electric guitar. Melodies and vocal harmony are prevalent throughout his tunes. He has been thoroughly enjoying playing live shows over the past 22 years, or so. And is enjoying a busy schedule currently playing venues and events of all shapes and sizes.

Andy Griffiths' first solo CD, released Sept 2011, comes off more mature than most. ‘Looking At A Life’ is a folky-pop-rock album with an honest take on a life well lived. Reviewers have indicated that Andy has an energy, feeling and sound in his tunes that could bring comparisons to Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, The Lowest of the Low, John Mellencamp, John Hiatt, Grapes of Wrath, etc...

Andy has recently released CD number 2 ... 'MIND ON OTHER THINGS'. Drawing on influences from the Beatles, Crowded House, Lee Harvey Osmond (Tom Wilson), the Verve, Tom Petty..... just to name a few. You will find a selection of tunes ranging from East Coast folk flavour to rocking folky power pop. Once again, boasting a selection of some of the top, world class, musicians from in and around the GTA.

" While Andy Griffiths studied architecture in his younger days, music always held a passion for him. He’d graduate, become an independent architectural designer (Archimage Design), start a family and even travel the world – but for the last 20 some odd years he’s also been fashioning a music career from his Burlington home. After years of slugging it out in a covers dominated scene, Griffiths has stepped out into the spotlight to offer his all original debut solo CD ( ‘Looking At A Life.’ ). "

"Griffiths has a knack for writing songs for the everyman..... "

Quotes from an interview with Ric Taylor for the View Magazine, Sept 22, 2011.


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LOOKING AT A LIFE - Released Sept 24, 2011
MIND ON OTHER THINGS – Release date Feb 15, 2013

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