Of Interest To Traditional Music Enthusiasts

Mudcat – Lyrics to Trad songs and more

English Folk Dance and Song Society

The Living Tradition

W is for the Woods – Traditional Adirondack Music – traditional folk music and musicians from the Adirondack Mt region of NY, which has many similarities to Canadian traditional folk

Algoma Trad – Dedicated to preserving and passing on the traditional music, dance and art that are part of our Canadian culture and heritage

www.traditionalmusic.co.uk – Traditional music and folk music tune-books, songbooks, MIDIS, sheet music, lyrics, plus reference and educational resources

www.cpmusic.com/tradmus.html – A collection of tunes, mostly traditional Celtic, in midi and notation (gif format), with suggestions for a basic repertoire.

www.irishtradmusic.blogspot.com/ – A blog dedicated to Irish trad music

Tradsoc – Tradsoc – a student society at Dublin City University which promotes all aspects of Irish music

www.itma.ie/ – Trad Irish Music Archive – multi-media reference archive and resource centre for the traditional song, music and dance of Ireland

Folklore and Mythology Resource Guide – Packed with more than 40 resources, this guide is a great asset to anyone studying or teaching folklore and mythology.