Festival Resources

2018 FMO Festival Retreat resources:

Retreat Presentations List

AFM-Showcase & Festival Agreements

Cannabis Legalization – Best Practices

Cannabis-Canada Revised Public Health Approach

Cannabis-Ontario Approach to Federal Cannabis Legalization

Emergency Weather Matrix Template 2018

FMO Survey-Local Government and Festivals

Nordicity-Music Festival Online Impact Tool


Older Festival Retreat resources:

The Georgian Bay Folk Society has generously offered to share the following resources:

Operation Plan – current created last year (for AGCO and city compliance). Send one copy to Fire, Police, EMS, AGCO, City, Building Inspector

Schedule_A_OS_Emergency_Response_Plan_Jan_2015 – current created last year

Comprehensive_By-Laws_Policies_and_Procedures_2010-003 – Currently under review and adjusting where required. This document can be used as a sample. There are both Board policy and Festival Procedures included. Cut, paste and adapt to your own festival or organization.

2014 FMO Festival Retreat resources:

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

AODA Policy Generic Template

Notice to Post In Reception about AODA

The AODA Customer Service Training video:

Changes to the Incorporation Act

Transitioning to the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act