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Neil Bennett

tempting murphyÖÖ..also known as Neil Bennett is a veteran singer-songwriter whose musical roots are in the rich 1970ís folk scene in London, Ontario including the legendary Smayleís Pace coffee house. He had the opportunity to perform with artists such as Valdy and David Bradstreet. He has had the pleasure to be in such musical collaborations as Refugee, Bennett and Barnes, and after relocating to Toronto, Bindivers , Semi-Detached (with Piper Hayes) and tempting murphy. tempting murphy, which originally was a duo with Neil Bennett (guitars and vocals) and Irina Grunberg (cello). Together, in 2015, they released an album entitled, Everythingís Eventual which included songs such as Iíve Got Plenty of Time and Nobodyís Fool.
tempting murphy is now usually a solo act, with a number of special guests sitting in from time to time.
Since the 70ís until today, Bennettís musical journey has been an extensive one, with every step along the way being a story waiting to be told.