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Shawna Caspi

Shawna Caspi teeters between city girl life and the small town fantasies that come from weaving in and out of Canada’s colourful landscapes. Her 2012 release, Skyline, takes the listener from Shawna’s hometown of Ottawa, Ontario to her current base in Toronto, and out on the highway, through farmers’ markets, bus stations, and alleyways, dodging lightning and passing rooftops peeking out through the trees, from sinking boats to subway cars, from a spectacular planetary crash to the peace that comes after the last flame is extinguished. Recorded, played on, and produced by Jason LaPrade (Jon Brooks, Tucker Finn), the album also features the outstanding talents of Murray Foster, Adam Warner, Joel Schwartz, Anne Davison, Rosemary Phelan, and Anne Lindsay, with each player adding their creative musical sensitivity to the project.

The imagery is vivid and detailed, shaped by Shawna’s remarkable ability to highlight even the tiniest moment and give it the brilliance and weight it deserves, the reward of its mere existence against all odds. Each track is gently nudged and pulled by Shawna’s peculiar song structures and delightfully surprising rhyme schemes and complemented by her intricate, classically-influenced fingerpicked guitar. In 2010, Shawna was recognized as a finalist in the Canadian Regional Round of the Mountain Stage NewSong Contest.

Shawna is equally at home under a festival stage tent or in a cozy living room. She has performed in venues from cafes, to theatres, from house concerts to the main stage at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto, in the North by Northeast Music Festival, and even in a series of unplugged sets on VIA Rail’s long haul train from Montreal to Halifax and back. Her solo show is easily portable and she has already taken it around Ontario and out to the east coast. With nowhere to hide behind one microphone and an acoustic guitar, Shawna’s blunt honesty and authenticity is evident in her music and personality. She puts a crowd at ease with her warm demeanour and endearing awkward charm. With each live show, more secrets are spilled, more stories are shared, and Shawna sings it all with her powerful, shimmering voice.

With the release of Skyline, Shawna is touring in Ontario and Newfoundland in fall 2012, with more dates in the works for 2013.