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Sarah Siddiqui

Sarah Siddiqui is a seasoned Toronto based folk/rock singer songwriter. She is known for approaching each song like a rich painting. To date, Sarah has released 2 full length albums with a 3rd on the way and multiple singles to date, one of which has been placed in 2 films, Word of Honor (2003, starring Don Johnson, Jeanne Tripplehorn), Triggermen (2002, starring Donnie Wahlberg, Claire Forlani). One of her songs "Show Me" was also released through Awesome/EMI Canada. Sarah is also on the artist roster of Choir Nation, alongside Royal Wood, Justin Rutledge, and Elliott Brood.

Her upcoming album, No More Waiting Rooms is set to release on July 28, 2018. It is funded by the Toronto Arts Council.

She was born to Peace Poet Icon, Syeda Nuzhat Siddiqui. Writing was naturally ingrained as a mode of expression early on. She is classically trained on voice and self-taught on guitar. She started writing her songs and poetry at the age of 9 and began playing live at 15 years of age in Toronto bars with her mother by her side driving her around town. She also started off singing backup for rock bands. At the age of 17, Sarah recorded/produced her 1st full length CD titled "Petals of the Self", at the time she went by her middle name "Batool". The CD is a mixture of eastern, western and european world influences. In 2005 Sarah recorded, produced and released her 2nd full length CD titled Rosewater Songs of which featured formidable musicians, guitarist, Tim Bovaconti (Ron Sexsmith), Michael Churchill on drums, and Santosh Naidu on tabla. The CD features more pop sensibilities.

At the age of 18, Sarah was flown to Vancouver, B.C. by EMI Publishing Canada to co-write with a talented songwriter/producer. Shortly after she decided that she had to carve out her own path and develop her sound on her own without label support and that she did! Since then, Siddiqui has shared the stage with many prominent Canadian acts and formidable musicians; Shaye (Damhnait Doyle, Kim Stockwood, Tara McLean), Chris Brown & Kate Fenner (NYC), Taima (Aboriginal Juno Winners), Diggin Roots, Mark Cassidy, Peter Katz, Dayna Manning, Jean O'brien, Tim Bovaconti (Ron Sexsmith), Santosh Naidu, Michael Churchill, Cold Jack, Paul Brennan, David Celia, and flamenco guitarist Juan Dino Toledo (Jesse Cook). Sarah also had the amazing opportunity to record with internationally acclaimed instrumentalist Jesse Cook. At only 18 years of age she worked with Jesse on his rendition of Stevie Wonder classic "Superstitious".

In 2007, Sarah was featured as a guest vocalist on Mexican rock band, Chikita Violenta's premiere release "Stars and Suns Sessions" produced by Dave Newfeld (Broken Social Scene), at the request of Dave Newfeld in Toronto. Chikita Violenta is signed by Arts & Crafts and is internationally acclaimed. Other featured guests include Justin Peroff, and Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene. Before Broken Social Scene broke out on to the scene, Sarah recorded demos when she was 20 years old with producer Dave Newfeld at his then studio in Toronto. In 2003 Sarah was nominated for best singer/songwriter for Canada's MyBindi Awards. To add, Anne Murray's daughter, Dawn Langstroth opened up for Sarah in 2003 at Toronto's Mitzi's Sister, now known as The Tennessee.

Sarah has played in various parts of Canada and the U.S. as well as Berlin, and London, U.K. In 2013 she booked herself a showcase at Manhattan's iconic venue, The Bitter End, where she opened up for the annual NYC Songwriters Series. It was also the night she met Billy Joel who was present at the show and her sound check. They shared a great conversation about how he started at the Bitter End... a night she'll never forget. But the most exciting moment in Sarah's life was in In 2002. She was casted and hand picked out of hundreds of head shots by the man himself, Danny DeVito for the role of guitarist in his feature film, "DEATH TO SMOOCHY", starring himself, the late Robin Williams and Edward Norton. She worked with the cast at the CBC Studios in Toronto for approximately 2.5 weeks straight.