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Renee Coughlin

Renee is one of three lead singers, songwriters and guitarists with The Pairs. Born and raised in London, ON, Renee spent most of her childhood and adolescence enthralled with music. She received classical training during her attendance at St. Marys Choir and Orchestra school, Catholic Centrals Music Extension program and throughout her time touring and performing with the well known Canadian choral ensemble, Amabile.
Renee took to the stage to perform her original music in her early twenties as part of the musical trio, now known as The Pairs. As part of this collective Renee strives to entertain, engage and create space where human beings can bond over a shared love of music and authenticity. She writes from a place of complex inner dialogue that aims to draw harmless but meaningful attention to the worlds inequities and its diverse and overwhelming beauty.
Renee writes and performs her music with the hopes of creating inclusive spaces that inspire deep reflection, change and joy within communities. She combines the inherent love of music that was nurtured in her childhood with classical training and some fun experimentation with lifelong friends to create unique, uplifting audience experiences.