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Pat Temple

Pat Temple pulls from the very best of the Western
Swing, Jump Blues, and Rockabilly to fuel his fresh and
uplifting songs. Pat’s music is at once personal, familiar
and infectious. His voice is compelling and his melodies
are lasting. Pat’s extensive body of work spans three
decades and is infused with roots blues, folk and early
jazz. His releases for BMG of Stone Boat and Connecting
Lines plus his releases of One Tree Island, Cold Cuts,
One Song At A Time and his most recent release Day For
Day for the Wingwalker label give us cult favourites
“Salamander Bones” and the CMT video released “Playin’
Havoc With My Heart.”
Pat Temple is a favoured performer at many Canadian
blues, folk and jazz music festivals and his concerts at
The National Art Gallery and the Ontario Place Forum
are part of our cultural heritage. The Hi Lo at Massey Hall
release for Wingwalker is one such inspiring Pat Temple
Pat Temple continues to be, surrounded and accompanied
by stellar Canadian musicians Terry Wilkins, Spencer
Evans, Frank Barth and more recently Alan Black, Rob
Foreman and Kyler Tapscott. The live shows are uplifting
and toe tappin'. You'll either be dancing on the floor or in
your seat.
“Temple's gently persuasive vocals are easy on the ear, and his
songwriting chops are solid”- Kerry Doole, New Canadian