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Michelle Fortier

After more than 12 years I�ve literally worked in every aspect of the music business; volunteer, board member, panelist, mentor, presenter, emcee, publicist, agent, manager, radio promotion. With extensive contacts in all forms of media, radio, venues and agencies, I�ve grown long lasting business relationships that benefit my clients. I love to keep my hands on the ever-changing pulse of social media and the industry. Patience, determination, and tireless efforts ensure my clients get results: Planning, Growth, Engagement, Follow up and Success!

Enhance Your Image & Grow Your Career!
Independent musicians are seemingly expected to handle every aspect and angle of their careers growing forward. There is a belief they need to do it all on his or her own. However, any successful person has a team or at the very least an advocate; that person is your voice, your front person, your first line. Publicity is instrumental to the growth of music and arts related careers. As your front line publicist, I promote and work to create an impactful image geared to present your craft, venue, and event to your immediate fans and broaden that scope. As an independent publicist, my job is to tirelessly find media outlets, venues, and events, as well as put you in front of the right people who will breathe life into your career. I do this by providing dedicated one on one service that gets the job done!

Here�s my story�
12 years ago my life took a dramatic change. I needed to reinvent who I was and embrace the opportunities being placed in front of me. I wanted to have fun and enjoy life while working hard. What did I love? It always came back to � Music, singer-songwriters, folk, acoustic, roots, storytellers, and authors � people who bring magic to our lives. The people I enjoy working with are those who have impacted me profoundly. When I love my work, I�m driven to help my clients succeed.

That dramatic change required a move to the Northeast/New England area where I pursued a new career that included artist management, venue booking, and sourcing publicity opportunities. I also co-produced, presented and emceed at various venues.
Someone mentioned that I should hear a particular singer-songwriter in NJ. Loretta Hagen�s music spoke to me on a deep level and which led me to work with her. Over our many years working together, I�ve enjoyed watching her career bloom and grow. Soon after, I was brought onto the Trespass Music team, holding the position of Director of Marketing and Publicity. There I enjoyed working with a roster of musicians, earning client and CD reviews, blogging events, booking, publicizing shows and organizing radio promotion. I enjoyed it all, but it soon became apparent to me that publicity and artist management was where my heart wanted to be in the music and arts industry.

A few years ago I relocated back to Canada where I continue to work on publicity with musicians and others in the arts. As well, I�m currently involved with the Sun Parlour Folk Music Society Board and function as the publicist for the Kingsville Folk Music Festival.
For me, there isn�t anything more rewarding than watching careers and events bloom! Seeing evidence in print, in front of an audience, at a premiere venue, on television, watching a rise on radio charts, promoting a new album or tour, and watching a room fill and a fan base grow � that is my passion!

Fortier has organized local festivals, community events and fundraisers, produced, hosted and emceed musical projects. Michelle has/continues to volunteer at Listen Live Music (PA) Borderline Folk Music Club (NY) and is a former BOD/recording secretary of Music At The Mission (NJ).