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Marc Audet

Marc Audet is an active musician in the Ottawa Valley, performing close to 150 times since 2014 in restaurants, pubs, markets, festivals and live radio. His guitar/vocal act is an acoustic presentation of older and contemporary folk, rock and pop songs (in some cases with liberal re-interpretation), and his repertoire includes original songs written about life experiences. A wide range of songs are included in set lists suited for quiet and dynamic settings.

Central to the musical act is a Taylor 522E Grand Symphony acoustic guitar that projects the clarity and warmth of a very fine instrument. Musical styling is aided by guitar looping (electro-harmonix 2880) and harmonica solos.

From influences such as John Prine, Dave Gunning, David Francey and Neil Young, among other artists, Marc’s songwriting speaks to a range of life experiences; love, loss, decisions, struggle. About 20 songs have been written and more are on the way. Efforts are underway to record an album in 2018. Marc takes pride in being a member of SOCAN, the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada, as well as Folk Music Ontario. For current information on performance dates/locations, visit Marc's FaceBook Musician/Band page (link provided below).