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Lloyd Frost

Lloyd Frost is an Ottawa singer-songwriter and filmmaker. 'Social commentary with a groove' is a recurring theme in his songs and short musical-documentary films. His multiple award-winning 2013 musical film 'In Everyone's Eyes (en todas las miradas)' is a poetic and slyly subversive look at free speech and human rights in Cuba under the Castros. His second short film 'The Sun Is Rising' (2015) looks at armed conflict and terrorism killings at Canada's National War Memorial and Charlie Hebdo. His CD "The Sun Is Rising & Other True Stories" includes the films' soundtracks and was released October 2015 with a live performance and film screenings at SAW Gallery in Ottawa. A photography exhibit of his film-related images from France, Cuba and Canada was presented at Vistek in Ottawa that month. Frost's writings and photographs from Cuba, Burma, China, Cambodia and other lands have been published in newspapers in Canada, the U.S., and Australia.

Lloyd Frost was born in Montreal and now lives in Ottawa.