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Kayt Lucas

Kayt Lucas is a poet and singer in Toronto. While "popular music" describes the band's playlist, the tracks allude to rock, blues, folk, and sometimes country. Kayt plays mandolin, octave mandolin, percussion and piano.

The Kayt Lucas Band came together in early 2012, developing an exhilarating performance experience, diverse in style and cohesive in sound. The instrumentation has stylistic flexibility and virtuosity.

Members of Kayt Lucas Band:

Michael Menegon is a conga-kit player and percussionist with a special ability to viscerally describe musical environments. Michael regularly accompanies dance classes and has an integrated musical relationship to movement. Look for Michael's brilliant work as a singer/songwriter as well!

Harriet Hume plays a mean bass, keeping KLB grounded and grooving. She is a multi-instrumentalist who has delved into pop and contemporary music as well as her own compositions in electronica.

Joel Merzetti is a lifetime song writer and musician, dedicated to the craft of words, piano keys and guitar strings. JP delights audiences with his extraordinary poetic connection to music and story-telling in song.

Roy Buna (original member, regular guest) plays electric guitar, bringing classical, flamenco, jazz and popular music to the mix. His lyrical style shines in KLB's arrangements. Roy is an heart-stirring singer and songwriter as well.

Bill Galloway (original member, regular guest), a kit-drummer at heart, plays acoustic guitar for this project, with the fervour and rhythmic approach of a percussionist. Bill brings strategy to the process and tends to arrangements with Kayt.

Guests have included Paul Kehayas, Mark Galloway, Keary Scanlon, Loren Hicks, Nick Yaksich and others.

John Preketes is KLB's technical producer, owner/operator of JPC Post Productions in Toronto.