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Katherine Wheatley

Singer-songwriter-guitarist Katherine Wheatley mines the landscape and character of her northern Ontario roots to produce lyrical and melodic gold. Like one of her earliest influences, Gordon Lightfoot, she invokes nature to reflect the emotional intent of her songs. In addition to touring across Canada, the U.S. and Europe as a solo singer/songwriter, she is a member of the Toronto band "Betty and The Bobs", plays regularly in the hilarious and moving duo "Wendell and Wheat" and tours each winter with the trio "Boreal". Katherine is in high demand for her innovative songwriting and music workshops. She's written and recorded over 200 songs with kids through her Youthsongs Programme. She works as a singer and zodiac driver aboard the ship The Expedition in Antarctica and the Norwegian Arctic.

"Man, can this serene redhead ever play guitar." SEE MAGAZINE, Edmonton

"Wheatley turns pebbles of everyday life into dreamy mountains of song." The TORONTO STAR