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Kalon Hart

In your first moments of hearing Kalon Hart’s soothing voice and soft touch on the guitar and piano, you could be forgiven for preparing to settle in to an “easy listening” experience. But before your mind is even aware of it, you’ll feel the lyrics cutting through your barriers and deep into your heart with devastating precision. Kalon Hart wields his words like a scalpel of emotional truth, a steady artist’s voice sorely needed in troubled times. Those especially who walk the challenging path of healing childhood trauma will find an ally, a kindred spirit, and a guiding light.

Kalon Hart’s debut album, “Love Is Surrender”, is a wide-ranging, seven-song meditation on the nature of love and emotions, in a style he likes to call "gentle Indie Americana", with shades of influence from Bon Iver, Gregory Alan Isakov, Trevor Hall, and S Carey. Watch for it in early 2019.