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JoJo Worthington

JoJo Worthington�s music is infinite. This Canadian producer / songwriter / composer crafts experimental post-folk in which intimate recollections explode into limitless soundscapes. Fusing electronic glitches, acoustic nuances, and extraterrestrial melodies, Worthington�s work pushes emotionally potent folk songs to the perilous edge. Ceaselessly engaging, deeply affecting, and always forging deeper into the unknown, JoJo Worthington is one of the most forward-thinking musicians of her generation.

Her 2016 full-length album, �Two Lines,� was described by critics as �sublime,� (Gold Flake Paint) �enchanting and transporting,� (Ride The Tempo) and �at once sweeping and grand and extremely intimate� (Grayowl Point). This otherworldly record, which interweaves cinematic eruptions with instrumental meditations, established Worthington as one of Canada�s most innovative emerging musicians.

Since the release of this breakthrough record, Worthington has toured internationally, astounding audiences with her indelible live looping performances and opening for acclaimed acts such as Novo Amor, Ariana Gillis, Mappe Of, Frightened Rabbit, Great Lake Swimmers, and The Grapes of Wrath. Her recorded work has received several international awards (Songwriter�s Hall of Fame, Independent Music Awards) and she has applied her distinct production sensibilities for projects spanning from hip-hop to folk rock, including co-producing The Lifers� Honey Suite, nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award in 2019. In 2018, her diverse accomplishments were recognized by the SOCAN foundation, which selected her from thousands of submissions to participate in the the inaugural TD Creative Entrepreneur Incubator program.

JoJo Worthington�s latest project, TCYK (The Company You Keep)� released June 2019�is a celebration of her diverse strengths. This succinct powerhouse of an album, co-produced with William Crann, is a magnificently textured exploration of Worthington�s experience as a woman navigating tumultuous relationships. Orchestral and electronic sounds blend, creating serene walls of sound that compliment intimate narratives. Within only a handful of songs, Worthington presents a whole body of feeling. Listeners are guided through conflicts between ephemeral lovers, distant friends, the human and divine. However, TCYK is ultimately a celebration our attempts at connection, as Worthington asserts: �we need to stabilize��a rallying cry for mutual support between sexes.


Sep 2020 - �Stabilize� music video winner of Forest City London Music Awards;

Sep 2020 - 2nd Place, Screenshot category, and Honourable Mention, Adult Contemporary category for �Stabilize� in the 2020 Unsigned Only Songwriting Competition;

May 2020 - Honorable Mention and Finalist in Adult Contemporary category and Runner-up and Finalist in Screen Shot category (Stabilize), 2019 International Songwriting Competition;

Apr 2020 - Winner, Eclectic EP (TCYK), 18th Independent Music Awards;

Jan 2020 - Finalist, Open category (Stabilize) - 16th International Acoustic Music Awards (IAMA);

Mar 2019 - Gold Medalist, Indie Pop, Emerging Artist category (Stabilize) - Global Music Awards;

Feb 2018 - Silver Medalist (The River), Global Music Awards;

Sep 2017 - Silver Medalist (Mid Youth Crisis), Global Music Awards

May 2017 - Honourable Mention, Inspirational category (Pool of Bethesda) - Canadian Songwriting Competition;

Feb 2017 - Finalist, Open Category (Mid Youth Crisis) - 13th Annual International Acoustic Music Awards (IAMA);

Nov 2016 - Winner, Contemporary Christian/Gospel category (Pool of Bethesda) - 15th Independent Music Awards;

Sep 2016 - Honorable Mention (Top 10) (Mid Youth Crisis) - 3rd 2016 World Wide Music Contest

Jul 2016 - Finalist, Folk Category (Boo Radley) - 2016 American Songwriting Awards

Nov 2015 - Finalist, Gospel Category (Pool of Bethesda) - 20th USA Songwriting Competition;

Aug 2015 - 1st prize Other Sounds category (Boo Radley) - Inaugural World Wide Music Contest;

May 2015 - Grand Prize Winner (Amadeus) - Inaugural U.S. Songwriters Hall of Fame Song Competition;

May 2015 - Best Album ("7") & Best Music Video (Amadeus) in Singer-Songwriter Category for Akademia Music Awards;

Apr 2015 - Artist of the Year & Songwriting Award, Year 2, MIA Program, Fanshawe College;

Feb 2015 - Winner, Open Category (Hearts) - 11th Annual International Acoustic Music Awards (IAMA);

Sept 2014 - Best Folk/Best Song (Amadeus) - 2014 Toronto Independent Music Awards;

May 2014 - Grand Prize, BarrieFolk Society Youth Songwriters' Showcase;

Apr 2014 - Winner, Mariposa Folk Festival Showcase (out of 75 applicants);

Apr 2014 - Songwriting Award, Year 1, Music Industry Arts Program, Fanshawe College, London, ON;

May 2013 - Maxwell's Music House Leading Edge Award for the 25th Annual Arts Awards Waterloo Region.