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John Ian Schneider

John Ian. Singer-Songwriter.

Raw. Unpolished. Real.

In his intense, poetic and heartfelt songs inspired by folk, rock and alternative music John Ian tells stories, observes and ponders.
Things may at times look somber in his songs but never hopeless. Despite the sadness and madness in this world there always is a way out of the darkness into the light.

John Ian was born and raised in Germany as a girl and had to take some detours to get to where he is today. Along the road of his challenging journey towards having a voice and a body he finally felt comfortable with, John Ian was able to reach the third place in an international songwriting contest in 2006 as well as the semi-finals of the UK Songwriting Contest in 2011.

With the release of a collection of Short Songs called From A Different Angle 2017 marked a fresh start. In August 2018 a second collection of Short Songs (Out Of Tune ) followed and exciting new things are planned for 2019.

John Ians songs and performances invite you to be right there in the present moment, go beyond the surface and listen closely for a little while.