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James Gray

James Gray is a contemporary version of an old-school traveling folk singer. Over the years he has been criss-crossing Canada, Europe and Australia in pursuit of seeing the world and entertaining folks along the way. James now has ten tours on three different continents under his belt and is just getting started.

Gray resides in a small cabin in the rural setting of Muskoka Ontario where he grew up. James loves the serenity and quiet of living in nature. On the flip side of the coin he is driven by touring and ventures out into new territory every chance he gets. James finds inspiration in the exciting new places he visits and the interesting people that he comes across and has the privilege to perform for. Gray then returns back to his cabin in Muskoka in an ongoing cycle of creation and exploration.

Jamesí songwriting is inspired by the idea of being able to speak to the human condition through the creation and delivery of song. He highly regards songwriters such as John Prine, Townes Van Zandt, Damien Jurado and Sarah Harmer. Gray believes these songwriters have honed the ability to teach the listener about themselves and to open up a part of the listener that they didnít know already existed. He feels this is the ultimate goal of being a songwriter.

ďJames Gray sings songs of poignant honesty with just enough grit in his voice to make you feel he has lived through the hard times and is here to tell you about it. His songs create a subtle yet striking landscape in your mind.Ē - Oh Susanna.

Notably James was a musical guest at TED Talks held on the west coast of Canada, and recently James has received regular airplay on CBC radio programs including Fresh Air with Nana Aba Duncan and Ontario Morning with Wei Chen.

This past year Gray was invited to perform at both the Mariposa Folk Festival and the Troubadour Festival in Jamesí home of central Ontario. After his performance at Mariposa, Pam Carter the president of the festival stated:

"James Gray is a dynamic singer/songwriter with a ???spirited, compelling sound that speaks to us all. With a stage presence that commands your attention his music is expressive and soulful. He garners followers wherever he performs. James is a musical talent not to be missed.Ē - Pam Carter, President of the Mariposa Folk Festival

Looking forward, James is currently very focused on writing and recording in his humble cabin studio. This extended period of time in the bush has really given James the opportunity to cook up something to be proud for when he hits the road again in the future. ďThere is nothing in the way between this new batch of songs and what I really want to say.Ē