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Greg Smith

Greg Smith is a story-based songwriter from Walter's Falls, Ontario. Despite his Canadian roots, Greg found his musical beginnings while living in Budapest, Hungary. There he found a home among the burgeoning English-speaking folk scene. In three short months he became associated with the Hungarian indie label Lone Waltz Records. With their help he toured to other Hungarian cities and even played on national Hungarian radio. When he returned home in mid-2016, he self-released his debut EP Iris, which he followed with two singles released on Lone Waltz Records.

Greg's songwriting structures itself around stories and characters. Every song is a piece that reveals a greater story, much like a chapter in a novel. His guitar playing ranges from sparse finger-picked chords, to slap-percussive open tuned solos. Currently Greg is recording a sequel to Iris titled Michael which is due out in 2018. Greg is also preparing for a European tour this November.