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Katie Pascoe

A No Attitude, All Gratitude husband & wife duo from Ontario, Canada. Their singer-songwriter style music is full of inspirations from genres like; 90s alternative, Rock-n-Roll, folky blues and even a little swirl of Country. The couples lyrics often evoke harsh truths of their realities, vulnerable moments of reflection and inspiring ideologies about how to pick up & move on from these certainties of life.

The couple has been playing music together since the moment they met, over a decade ago. They have been working on original music ever since, using the practice therapeutically in a good for the soul kind of way.

These two Peace, Love & Fresh Breath kids are always ready to rock a stage with vibrant energy, giant vocals & all around good vibes. Their goal is to bring people together with their music. To inspire positive energy and to share their passion for music with everyone they meet.

With their recent new full length album, The Big Picture released June 22, 2019. They plan on touring the album throughout Canada in 2020, with plans for a Western tour in July. Be sure to check out the event listings page for tour dates and upcoming shows in your area.