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Dan Dwoskin

Dan Dwoskin is manager and keys/lead singer for Toronto band, The Honeyrunners:

The Honeyrunners are a mix of AAA roots and a hint of Americana, or as fans dub them, �Alt-Soul�. Their genre-bending music teems with elements of Alabama Shakes, Frank Ocean, Leon Bridges and Radiohead � an oddly familiar sound with an unapologetic direction.

Since their inception in 2012, the band has garnered heavy radio play across North American college stations, with a non-stop tour schedule and a knack for intimate appearances on television or at backyard BBQs. Their debut album, "Everything Is On Fire", is slated for release in Winter 2020, with worldwide tour dates in tow.

The band found a foothold in grassroots music festivals across Canada, pairing well with folk, jazz, blues, and even pop. The Honeyrunners carry a constant buzz in the College circuit, hosting late-night house parties, and drop-ins at record stores and breweries across the country.

They have shared the stage with notable acts: The Sadies, The Trews, Philip Sayce, Nick Waterhouse, King Khan, U.S.S., The Balconies, C�cile Doo-Kingu�, The Beaches, Grapes of Wrath, and more.

The Honeyrunners are made up of Ottawa-born Dan Dwoskin (keys, lead vocals), Peruvian audio-engineer and producer, Guillermo Subauste (bass, vocals), Armenian-Canadian Haig Beylerian (guitar, vocals) and Toronto-born Lewis Spring (drums, vocals).

The band pairs four-part harmonies with melody-rich, rhythm-rooted music that packs a serious punch both live and on record. The Honeyrunners live for throwing curveballs at an audience, the way music is meant to be: wild, beautiful and often something a little unexpected.

"Everything Is On Fire" aims at disrobing our current culture of apathy � the sentiment that everything is on fire, and there is nothing to do about it but watch. It is an exhausting, angst riddled feeling that most of us are growing weary of, and so came this album, with undertones of dark and light, beauty and oddities, and an optimism that might remind you of why you�re here. The album takes shape with the maturity of a band that understands who it�s meant to be, and how it wants to sound.