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Dieufaite Charles

A Musician, songwriter and performer

Well known as Jahfaa, Dieufaite Charles was born in Gonaives, Haiti, the city of independence. He lives and practices his art in Toronto

In a country where music is omnipresent - Kompa, zouk, and traditional music mixed with African rhythms, called «Rasin and Rara» (very popular in the carnival period). He is a talented musician who discovered music at an early age. He leaned to play piano, guitar and flute at the Church he attended. Then quickly , Dieufaite fell in love for Racine music and his influences are Boukman Eksperyans, Koudjay, or Haitian singers like Bélo and Eddy François.

His debut:

Encouraged by his family and friends, Dieufaite began to collaborate with other artists such as Smolove Sain-Felix, Bradley Barthelemy a friend and a music producer, Kriz band of 2000, quickly the public began to notice him, and they also appreciated him more and more.
In 2004, while visiting his big brother Dieufort in Germany, he profited the time to work with his childhood friend Producer Eden Noel on an album project and as soon as he returned to Haiti, he released a single called: Répondre-moi, the song did really well all around the country.

In 2007, to pay tribute to his friend journalist Alix Joseph murdered under the bullets of armed bandits in Gonaïves, he then came back with a new tune called: “wake up” a hip-hop song where he does not hide his anger against the corrupt system that runs his country

Continuing to play all over Haiti, in December 2009 he toured to the USA, where he performed in Florida and New York. He returned to Haiti for the new year, sadly 2 weeks later, an earthquake struck and devastated the capital, and killed more than 250.000 people. Feeling fortunate to have survived the disaster, he moved to Canada within the same year.
Once he arrived in Toronto, he immediately embarked on a tour and participated in fundraising events for the rebuilding of the country. He traveled across Canada to mobilize people about the dramatic situation of the island, in effort to raise funding to support the NGO`s in the country.
Thereafter, he worked on various cultural projects with a team of producers and also participated in the “Real Voodoo” project which was nominated at the Montreal International Black Film Festival.
He did not stop there, he continued his journey, then in 2018, he released several Cds under the blessing of Asifa, his partner and his producer Bryant Didier. The album «Li pap Kraze» is considered as a major work of his career, each title is a bombshell

The community appreciates his work, as a songwriter and performer, whose lyrics in some of his songs denounce the living conditions in Haiti and promote the unity and to embrace the Haitian culture. With the song «Dambala Dangwe», he falls into the category of francophone artist.

He evolves in Canada and in Haiti. He is very open to work and collaborating with other artists and producers of different musical genres.
Conscious of the position that he occupies among his compatriots, he approaches more engaged themes such as «Sava Louwe» (it will be alright) or ( it (Haiti) has not fallen) he used the Boukman`s prayer and turned it into music, to bring back the morality of the people.

In 2019, the singer-guitarist released on CBC Radio-Canada another album project called: «Bamba Eya», arranged and mixed by Bryant Didier. An acoustic album of traditional musical genres and some interpretations of his idols where he made sure a harmonious coexistence of Afro-Soul rhythms with Blues, Funk, Folk and Haitian-Roots.
Dieufaite continues his artistic path and continues to work on his next album that he wants to release for the summer of 2020,

The album will consist of 13 tracks in Creole, French and English mixing in between, the Blues, Soul, Reggae, and of course the Haitian-Roots. In this album, Dieufaite Charles will express his love, his gratitude for his country and his community.

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