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David Storey

A songwriter as quintessentially Canadian as maple syrup and ice storms and whose life has exhibited equally dramatic contrasts David Storey is now poised to claim a place amongst the icons of the craft as his extraordinary catalogue of pithy, unforgettable songs continues to unfold. And like those songs and the country which informs them, his life has had its full share of triumphs and challenges.
His new 2019 album, made in Canada, presents a musical and lyrically poetic catalogue of characters, landscapes and inner dialogues. These new songs continue themes characterized on his early single recordings of 25 years ago, as well as his 2013 ep Movin On and his full album release 2015s Comin Home.
Like his life since then his new songs reflect both sweet moments and poignant, biting obstacles. They weave a tapestry of highs, lows, insights and observations into a captivating journey through time, mind, soul and society. Wry wistfulness, revelatory humour and penetrating vision all coalesce in David Storeys song catalogue to form a mosaic not unlike the land from which they arise.
Davids previous releases led to rave reviews and cross-country performances at festivals and in coffeehouses, church basements, art galleries and many, many bars. They also prompted publications such as NOW Weekly and Toronto Life Magazine to call his songs a beautifully rendered mix of intelligent songs,. further observed he finds the extraordinary in the ordinary. and as yet another reviewer noted, David has such a talent and feel for interpreting Canadiana colour and essence in song.

The 20-year gap in his musical career between being nominated for CASBY and Toronto Music Awards, having a video regularly aired on MUCH Music and songs in rotation on 1980s campus radio, until his EP release in 2011 was punctuated by raising a family and an award-winning career as a video director. In the 1990s he was nominated for a Juno and won a Canadian Music Video Award as director of Tom Cochranes Life Is A Highway video. He also directed numerous one-hour television specials for artists ranging from Anne Murray and Buffy Saint Marie to Corey Hart.
One video he directed was to change his life again: after presiding over the very funny Margos Got The Cargo video for Stompin Tom Connors, he was lured into the world of television comedy production and spent twenty years directing many projects, eventually developing (along with Brent Butt), executive producing and directing the hit comedy TV show and movie Corner Gas. After winning numerous Canadian Comedy and Gemini awards David hit a high note when he was presented with The Golden Bear Award at the 2016 Canadian Screen Awards for his work on the Corner Gas movie. Yet more plaudits and highs were yet to come before David would finally be brought back to earth.
After the original series wrapped in early 2011, David resumed his music career with the release of the Movin On ep and later his full length album Comin Home only to see his voyage in the song writing sphere interrupted again in late 2016 as he was needed on a new Corner Gas initiative: production of an animated series. Released in the spring of 2018 to critical acclaim it has been renewed for a second season.
But as rewarding as work on Corner Gas continues to be, a sudden and sobering development in 2016 prompted him to ponder how he wants to move forward. A cancer diagnosis which, after treatment, happily, is now in remission gave him a new perspective on the future. After taking a long look at his priorities hes now made the commitment to reinforce his connection to where it all began, to include his songwriting career as a central part of his future creative endeavours.
Its the only way I can authentically express some of the thoughts and observations Ive arrived at after 65 years on this planet, he says. Many of those life lessons resonate on the new album.
Not that hes planning on being done any time soon. Im like an antique, he quips with characteristic humour. Im not getting older, Im increasing in value.
Truly an artist made in Canada, he continues to grow and like his native land, evolve into a unique presence on the world stage. David Storey has captivating and entertaining new tales to share now and many yet to be written before his saga is fully told.