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Carly Thomas

Carly Thomas is an accomplished singer/songwriter who was born in Thailand and raised in Argentina, France, and various parts of North America. Aside from her powerful lyrics, Thomas music is characteristic of various sub-genres including modern folk, rock, and country. Having played everywhere from street festivals in Paris to the folk circuit in Manhattan, Thomas is a seasoned performer with 3 studio releases under her belt. Her albums to date include Distance (2003), Up This High (2009), and Explode (2014).

Spending almost a decade on Canadas west coast, Thomas has recently returned to familial roots in London, Ontario where she received the 2015 Jack Richardson Music Award for Contemporary Singer/Songwriter. The return to Ontarios music scene has been a welcome homecoming. Explode, which Thomas co-produced in London with Michael Marucci of Sonic Zen Studios, was nominated for EP of the Year by CHRW radio. She has also gone on to participate in various outreach projects and released a single in 2014 I Remember You in support of world suicide prevention day with all sales going directly to The Canadian Mental Health Association.

Having toured extensively in Canada, Thomas grabs listeners attention with gutsy stories of love and witty onstage banter. Her live performances are known for being dynamic and ever-evolving. She plays predominantly with a full band where she is continuously pushing the boundaries of Folk/Pop.

She has shared the stage with countless artists such as Matt Barber, Trent Severn, and Jenn Grant, and has also performed at several festivals including Home County and NXNE. As an independent artist, Carly Thomas continues to enjoy success and creating an impact in the Canadian music scene.