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Brian Jantzi

Brian Jantzi first picked up a guitar in 1968 and "learned the damn thing by playin' along with records." As a singer-songwriter, he has been described as "the new Neil Young" - to which he replies: "Thank you kindly, but the old one is still doin' fine."

He is an accomplished and in-demand acoustic and electric guitar player and multi-instrumentalist across many genres of music. His original style and lead work has been compared with the likes of Roy Buchanan, JJ Cale, Bill Frisell and Glen Campbell. Brian recently performed on stage at southern Ontario's Winterfolk IX and X and Summerfolk 2012 Festivals.

His first music songbooks were those of Gordon Lightfoot and Bob Dylan. He lives eats and breathes music, and "has been writing poetry and songs forever." Originally from Toronto, he's resided in Port Hope, Kingston, Ottawa; Fort Vermilion, Sexsmith, Grande Prairie Alberta; and Oakville Ontario.

Brian has played with small groups of others over the years, including some open stages in Ontario and Alberta. His first performance was doing John Hartford covers with Dick Barron at the Fort Vermilion Liars' Festival in 1979 - for which he became an in-demand banjo player around North Peace River Country. Since moving back to Toronto in 2008, he's been playing song circles, big honkin' jams and open stages all over town.

As a musician and singer-songwriter, he's been honoured to have played and performed with the some of the cream of Canada's talent. His singing and songwriting have recently reached a new level, thanks in part to the serendipity of meeting Lynn Harrison and the kindness and generosity of many new musical friends. Among the musicians he has played with on stage: Elizabeth Noton, Crowbar, The Choice Tickets, Monkeyfinger, The Spoons, Wally Matas, Pete Eastmure, The Welldiggers, Noah Zacharin, Allan Soberman, Trevor Fentum, Jay Pennel, Dave McManus, Les Hoffman, Sebastian Agnello, Herb Dale, Joanne Crabtree, Tannis Slimmon, Lewis Melville, Betty Supple, Gilbert White, The New Mynah Birds, Ed Roth, Phil Ciglen, Jeff Morrison, Bob Birney, Glen Gary, Ruth Jenkins, Zoe Henderson, Jeff Currie, Jack DeKeyser, Brian Blain, Peggy Voigt, and Panjo (from The Mighty Popo)....